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Glitter Unicorn Cake Picks Page Two

Unicorn Cake Topper

Your Unicorn party isn’t complete without this cake topper.
Made from one sided glitter cardstock.
Available in gold and silver. Measures 7 x 4 inches.

Unicorn Cake topper

Unicorn Birthday Cake topper
This magical unicorn cake topper will add that extra touch to your party!

—> Unicorn is about 7 inches tall

Unicorn cake topper, unicorn party, unicorn birthday, baby girl party, glitter cake topper

This cake topper is fully customizable and is the perfect flair to top your birthday cake!

Measures approximately 6″ wide by 6″ high.

Unicorn Cake Topper

Gold Glitter, pastel unicorns, Handmade, shimmer patels
Unicorn cake topper is the perfect statement for your Unicorn party!

Q U A N T I T Y –
• 1 Unicorn cake topper

– S I Z E –
• Size is 7 x 5

Unicorn cake topper

Perfect way to add a little bit more sparkle to your cake!!!! 1white unicorn cake topper set!!!! 1 Magical unicorn and 4 glitter hearts!

Unicorn HBD Cake Topper

Unicorn measures approximately 6” (H) with no stick. And 9.5” with the stick attached.

🦄 HBD topper is 6” wide and 7.5” in height with stick.

🦄 If you need something bigger just message me!

🦄 Because these are made to order, there will be 1-3 days before I ship, allowing me time to put it together for you.

🦄 If you’re looking for something specific and did not see it in my shop, let me know and I can make it happen!

Unicorn Cake Topper

Thank you for stopping by Lucas & Me Creations! I look forward to working with you!

*This listing is for a Unicorn cake topper (one sided/ back side is white)

*Pictured Topper measures approx. 5″ W x 7.50″ H and is placed on a food grade white stick

*All toppers include the beautiful flower detail.

*Available in Gold glitter or Silver Glitter (please make your selection from the drop down box)

*We use high quality glitter card stock that does not shed

Unicorn Cake Topper, Unicorn Party Decorations

Such an elegant way to add the perfect amount of sparkle to your cake with this gorgeous cake topper!

Topper is intricately cut using premium gold glitter cardstock. Gold glitter is on the front side only. Topper is pure white on the back. Clouds are done in bright white with pink, blue, and purple accents. We have numerous shades of cardstock if you would like topper in a different color, send us a convo or leave your color choice in the notes to seller section at checkout!

Topper measures 6″ x 5″ but customized sizes can be done to ensure it fits your cake! Simply send us a convo and we can adjust the size for you.

Unicorn Cake Topper, Unicorn Cake, Unicorn Crown Cake Topper, Magical Unicorn Cake

Unicorn head cake topper. This adorable unicorn cake topper is approximately 6″ W x 5.5″ H at its widest points. She is absolutely gorgeous with her flowing hair and beautiful eyelashes. This unicorn topper is glitter on the front in your color choice (see last picture). It is attached to a white lollipop stick. The back is lined with cardstock so the stick does not show. It would look amazing at your next Unicorn theme party, Majestical event, Birthday party, or baby shower, sparkling for all your guests to see.

Unicorn Cake Topper, Unicorn Sparkling Cake Topper

These Sparkling Unicorn cake topper will be sure to add that something extra to your special day. The unicorns are perfect for birthdays, baby shower, school function and so much more….

This is for a single unicorn cake topper. Each unicorn cake topper will have a silver glitter front (If you would like a different option please send us a convo.)

Gold Unicorn Cake Toppers (Pk12)

Made of paper and covered in plasticised glitter to give a little sparkle without shedding any glitter into your food or onto the carpet, each of these unicorns comes on a long transparent pick for positioning securely exactly where you want it.

Perfect for a unicorn themed party.

Pack of 12

Unicorn Cake Topper – Unicorn Party Decorations

Your little one is just as magical as this precious unicorn, and he is is ready to sparkle at your next party! This Unicorn decoration is made from high quality no shed glitter card stock, making it a beautiful three-dimensional embellishment that is truly fit for a magical party! This topper is single sided, and can be as pictured, or with your choice of colors on the front (the back will be white). I use two clear spikes which will not distract from the beauty of the topper.

Fucking Magical Unicorn Cake Topper – Glitter & Solid Colors Available

This Fucking Magical Unicorn cake topper is perfect for that person in your life who’s a little extra sassy! Because who doesn’t want to be fucking magical?

*Available in Glitter or Solid Colored Cardstock!

Approx. Topper Dimensions: 4.6″H x 6.4″W
Approx. Bamboo Skewer Length: 5.25″

*Purple glitter shown on 8″ cake in above photos

This cake topper is made with quality glitter or solid colored cardstock and comes in a double sided option to ensure a great look from all angles or a single sided option which contains smooth white cardstock on the back side.

Glitter Unicorn cake topper, Birthday cake topper

Gorgeous Happy Birthday Cake Topper + Unicorn cake topper and cupcake topper bundle

The Cake topper comes complete with wooden sticks ready to pop straight into your beautiful cake.
Unicorn Size: 4 wide x 6 long approx., handmade cardstock,
You have two options: Gold and Silver, the back of the topper glitter

Cup cake Topper in glitter with hearth sixze: 2.5″ inch aprox (packs of 12)

The Happy Birthday topper is made with 300gsm non shed glitter cardstock.

Stick is Bamboo 11.30 “long painted with no toxic paint for a beautiful finish.

Silver unicorn cake topper, unicorn party

This super stunning silver unicorn topper with flowers and tutu is the perfect cake topper for a girls birthday party or a unicorn themed party!

Unicorns are roughly 6inches.

Unicorn Cake Topper

Set Unicorn Cake Topper

the set includes:
horn, ears (2 pieces), eyes (2 pieces) , unicorn cake toppers (3 pieces)

Cake topper made from a high eco-friendly birch wood is 0,4 ” thick. that is food safe.

| SIZE |
horn 8.6”in height
ears 5,1”in height
1 unicorn 4.3”wide x 6.2”in height
2 unicorn 4.3”wide x 6.2”in height
3 unicorn 2.7”wide x 7.8”in height

Unicorn cake topper with pink glitter mane and a dash of purple

One Unicorn cake topper!

How happy is this unicorn?!

Pearlescent shiny white unicorn with a pink glitter mane and gold horn. There is a shock of purple in the mane but it can be all pink if you’d prefer.
The back is the same as the front.

Unicorn Cake Topper, Unicorn Birthday, Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper

this listing is for one, Unicorn Happy Birthday Cake Topper, in your choice of Unicorn color, and the Happy Birthday color as well!《《

》Top your Unicorn Cake off, with this beautiful topper, made with quality cardstock and low shed premium glitter cardstock papers.

Unicorn Cake Toppers

Party Casa’s Unicorn Cake Toppers are a standout addition to any cake or they make great oversized cupcake toppers. Pair this set of 2 Unicorns with Party Casa’s glittery Number Topper or Happy Birthday Topper and you’ll have a truly special gift for your birthday recipient! The colorful gold glitter cardstock on the front is secured to a 6 inch bamboo skewer and Double Sided option is also glitter cardstock on the back. Choose from 7 different glitter color options, or if you would like a solid color, please message me for options.

Size: 3.5″x5.1″, includes 2 unicorns

Unicorn Cake topper,Happy Birthday Cake Topper,

Thank you for stopping by Lucas & Me Creations! We look forward to working with you!

This listing is for a 3 part Unicorn Gold Glitter Happy Birthday Cake Topper (One Sided)

Happy Birthday Topper measures 6.5″ W x 6″ H and is placed on two bamboo sticks
Unicorn Topper measures 3″W X 3.5″H and is placed on a bamboo stick
Horn Topper measures 1.5″W X 3.0″H and is placed on a bamboo stick

Unicorn cake topper

Precious glitter Unicorn Cake Topper – in your choice of colors. Perfect for a unicorn birthday party for a special girl! White on back. Made of glitter card stock and a skewer. Approximately 5 inches x 6 inches, plus the unicorn horn. Custom orders available.

Unicorn Cake Topper kit

Unicorn Cake topper is perfect for Unicorn Theme Birthday Party, Unicorn Party

Make your event special with this handmade cake topper made with lots of love.

Cake topper is double sided made with high quality card-stock and food grade wood dowel stick.

Main Top topper 7 W x 8 H
Front eyes 2 W x 1 H

Pink Unicorn Birthday Glitter Cake Topper

Show your party some love with this precious addition. Likely to be the talk of the celebration!

You will receive 1 Cake Topper

The product is made with high quality glitter card stock.

**Design is on one side only**
Reverse is covered with regular high quality non-glitter card stock.

Design is 6 1/2“ Wide

Also Available in White.

Food safe thick wooden pick is attached to the card stock for use as a dessert topper and is approximately 3 inches long.

Unicorn Cake Topper Unicorn Birthday Cake Topper Unicorn Decorations

This birthday cake topper is perfect for a fun unicorn party and comes in several glitter cardstock or plain cardstock options. To avoid a stark white back, glitter cake topper backs are painted same color non-glitter.

Unicorn cake topper is:
-Cut by Silhouette Cameo on thick glitter cardstock OR 65 lb cardstock
**please note that while it’s high quality cardstock that looks great and stands upright, it is a paper product that isn’t going to be as hardy as cardboard, plastic or wood**
-Affixed to stick in the same color as back of topper for glitter/matching color for non glitter.

Unicorn Cake Topper – Unicorn Party Decorations

A baby shower or a birthday party, this Unicorn cake topper will look beautiful on your cake. We’ve taken the concept of a Unicorn birthday party and elevated it with high quality glitter card stock. This Unicorn decoration is further distinguished with the use of real ribbon for the bow and flat bling pearls, making it a three-dimensional Unicorn cake topper that is truly fit for the Unicorn lover.

If using for a centerpiece pick, let me know and I will attach to a 16″ wooden pole, otherwise it comes on a 12″ wooden pole.

This is a SINGLE name Unicorn cake topper.

8″ wide x 7″ tall – This size will get noticed
Custom sizing available upon request

Unicorn Glitter cake topper, Unicorn cake

This chic glitter cardstock cake topper will add the perfect finishing touch for your fairy event!

details + info:

1 unicorn topper per pack

Glitter cardstock ( white on back )

Approx. 5″ tall by 4″ wide

Available in multiple colors

Wooden dowel base

Unicorn cake topper – Unicorn Birthday Party –

Our Unicorn cake topper looks spectacular on any cake! It is specifically designed to make your cake POP!
The unicorn is made with layers of colorful glitter cardstock. Each strand of hair is a different color!

Each Cake Topper is made with durable and thick glitter card-stock, and white baking pick.

Deluxe Pastel Unicorn Cake Topper

This listing is for ONE UNICORN CAKE TOPPER perfect for your Baby Shower or Baby’s birthday!
This absolutely gorgeous cake topper has a gold glitter outline, showcasing a pastel Unicorn and stunning white glitter face. It is a intricately cut designs, including up to 6 colours included – I am so proud of this design! It took me a while to create but I love how it turned out.

Unicorn Cake Topper – Unicorn Party Decorations

A baby shower or a birthday party, this Unicorn cake topper is perfect for your cake. We’ve taken the concept of a Unicorn birthday party or baby shower and elevated it with high quality glitter cardstock. This Unicorn decoration is further distinguished with the use bling, glitter gel and a bow making it a three-dimensional embellishment that is truly fit for the Unicorn lover.

Perfect also as a centerpiece pick

8″ wide x 6″ tall
Custom sizing is available upon request

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