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Disney Princess THE LITTLE MERMAID Party Favors Supplies Decorations Ariel Lollipops Red Bows Party Favors -12 pieces

12 Lollipops
Matching 1/8″ Satin Ribbon Bows
Candy Party Favor Set
Assorted Flavors, Lemon, Grape, Orange, Lime, Cherry
Lollipop Size: 4″ Tall with 1.5″ Diameter sucker.

Little Mermaid Party Favors Rainbow Lollipop Twist Mermaid Birthday Party Favors – 10 Lollipops

10 Lollipops
Individually wrapped
Great for party favors or treat tables
Measures approximately 6 inches (including stick)
Cherry Flavored

Sebastian Lollipop

Sebastian from the little mermaid lollipop

6 Pc. Mermaid

Invite Ariel and her friends to your child’s birthday!! Great fun!

Each lollipop is individually wrapped and tied with curling ribbon (your choice of color).

The candy I use to make my treats is Wilton Candy Melts. Per the candy packaging, the candy is MADE ON EQUIPMENT THAT ALSO PROCESSES PEANUTS.

It is highly recommended to use ice packs and insulated box liners when shipping chocolates in temperatures above 70 degrees. Ice packs are $1.00 each and the insulated box liners are $3.50 each.


1 Ice pack for orders less than 15 lollipops
2 Ice packs for orders 16 – 24 lollipops
3 + for anything more than 24

6 Flounder Lollipops from The Little Mermaid

Flounder Lollipop – The Little Mermaid – Sold In a set of 6

Little Mermaid Chocolate Lollipops

Having a Little Mermaid theme birthday party?? Then these chocolate Favors are perfect for you!

Listing is for 1 dozen (12) Little Mermaid Lollipops. They come wrapped individually in a cello bag and tied with curly ribbon of your choice. Please let me know how you would like them colored..

Sebastin and Flounder – The Little Mermaid – Disney – Colored Candy Lollipop – Party Favor

Each order consists of 6 lollipops, three of each.

We will wrap each package individually, tie with a colored ribbon, then package them to prevent any breakage during delivery.

All of our chocolates are made in an environment that is inspected and licensed by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture.

For freshest treat, consume within 14 days of delivery. If you live in a warmer climate, please be sure to store out of the heat.

The Little Mermaid / Arielle / Ariel Chocolate Lollipop Party Favors

This listing is for a dozen (12) The Little Mermaid / Ariel chocolate lollipops complete with plastic baggie and matching curling ribbon.

24 Little mermaid 4th Birthday Party Favors Gourmet Chocolate lollipop and Custom Tags

Order is for 24 Little mermaid lollipops with tags includes a mix of all characters.

24 Disney little mermaid Gourmet Chocolate lollipop 4th Birthday Party Favors and Custom Tags, Kids Party Favors Treat Bags Gifts

All will come complete, bagged tied with two color curling ribbons and custom tags

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